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Voice Over Artist UK based


Rob Glenn - Presenter Voice Actor

Working as a radio presenter and voice over actor for 15 years for UK and international clients.  Partner clients worked with  include BBC, ITV, Sky, Amazon, Audible.  If urgent, mp3's or wav files  can be turned around and delivered from my remote home studio set up within 24 hours and organise live Zoom direction or travel within the UK or internationally for projects as required.

Currently presenting the Breakfast Show on Glitterbeam in the UK on DAB and across the whole of Malta  and The Welsh show for Nation Radio across Mid and West Wales.

As a familiar voice in the industry as a fluent English and Welsh speaker, I offer a reliable trustworthy and friendly service, and develop a partnership with clients who become long term connections. 
These days more and more Radio presenting is done remotely, I have a good set up for remote radio presenting I have experience of using Zetta, Genesys and Myriad for Voice tracking and I am more than happy to record from home for Radio stations across the globe.


Whatever your project, you will most likely have a vision of how it should sound, I’m more than happy to work with you to achieve your vision. As a trained actor I can help bring your project to life and sound like the project you’d envisioned. 

Have a listen to some of the samples on the site, but if there’s something you’d like that’s a little different. I’m happy to provide a bespoke sample.

Hapus i weithio yn y Gymraeg.

Technical stuff: 
PC or Mac
Adobe Audition or Logic Pro
RODE NT1-A microphone
Scarlett interface

Wave XLR interface

Sennheiser HD599

Myriad Anywhere or Zetta to go Platforms
Noise dampening walk in sound booth

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